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Emelda Menge Williams

Emelda Menge Williams

Emelda Menge Williams and her husband have five children, fifteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She has been serving the Lord since 1979. For more than thirty years her main calling was ministering to children in Children’s Church. Her journey also included sign language for the deaf, home Bible studies, a stint as church secretary, and seventeen years of driving a school bus for her local community (which God used as an outreach to touch children and their families). 

She is a very creative person, having sewn more than forty-five handmade quilts since the age of seventeen. Then, in 2011-2017, things began to shift in her health, and she was stripped of her independence. After years of multiple testings, MRI’s, and PET Scans that ruled out MS, it was revealed that her brain had atrophied, and it was suggested she had the brain of an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient. In 2017, this journey led her to a place called Midbar. It is, she said, the most beautiful place she has ever been. She welcomes you to read about her journey of where God brought her from, to where He has brought her to. Along the way, you will discover that what the enemy meant for harm became her greatest victory. She not only received a physical healing but also a deeper intimate relationship with the Lover of her soul.
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