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Unaware Encounters with the Courts of Heaven

Unaware Encounters with the Courts of Heaven

Unaware Encounters with the Courts of Heaven
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“Would you believe it if I said you have had unaware encounters with the courts of Heaven? The terminology, ‘courts of Heaven,’ maybe foreign to you, as it was to me. After forty-three years of walking with the Lord, I was awakened to principles I had walked in that connected me to having encounters with the courts as they really are. Surprisingly, this has been second nature to us all ever since we gave our lives to Jesus. Unknowingly, we encountered two facets of His courts on that very day. These were the realms Holy Spirit introduced me to. However, our encounters are not limited to just the day of our salvation. One form of the court is revealed in the principals of Daddy God wooing us, drawing us unto Himself. It is His desire to be intimate with us. The other court encounters are times we participate in God’s governmental principles that are seen in His Word concerning prayer. Strangely enough, you may not have perceived yourself standing before a legal court, but you have been an eyewitness to trials, verdicts, judgements rendered, evictions, and more. You may not know it, but you have a heavenly Defense Lawyer working on your behalf. Journey with me, as I unfold my Unaware Encounters with the Courts of Heaven, as Holy Spirit revealed each one to me.” 
– Emelda Menge Williams
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