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Why do we need a new way to publish Christian books? To us, the answer is simple:

Traditional Christian book publishing has favored a very few individual authors, choosing to publish those whom they consider a "safe" bet financially, while ignoring the voice of the great majority of men and women called of God to speak a word to their generation. Pastors of large and wealthy congregations have sometimes found a voice through Christian self-publishers or co-publishers, but some of the most important voices of our time, the voices of the emerging prophets and apostles of the hour, have all but remained silent to the Body of Christ worldwide. It's time that they, too, are published.

Traditional Christian publishers never publish those they consider to be "risky," and emerging ministries often cannot afford the high cost of traditional Christian self-publishing. The result is that the world has been robbed of an important element of the message God is speaking today. Although thousands of new books are being published each year, if your voice has not been heard, God's message to the world is incomplete. It's time for you to be heard!

There is another powerful reason for a new kind of publishing. We are living in the twenty-first century, technology has changed, and we must use all that God has placed at our disposal. Why settle for traditional Christian publishing when you can have your message published in printed book form and digital book form quickly and economically? It's your time to be heard, and we're ready to help you fulfill that mandate.

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