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McDougal & Associates was formed to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible in the shortest time possible because studies have shown that this can be done most effectively by utilizing the printed word. We are blessed today to be living in the twenty-first century and have at our disposal a technological breakthrough in publishing that now makes it possible to publish a book quickly and easily and to order as many or as few copies of that book as necessary at any given time. At McDougal & Associates, you may order 50 copies of your book, or you may order 50,000, and reordering any number of copies in the future is even easier.

McDougal & Associates is made up of a group of dedicated servants of the Lord burdened for the Lord’s will in the earth and eager to see His true servants heard everywhere. Our motive is never money, but His voice. We invite you to compare our prices even with other Christian Web publishers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that no one can compare with the prices we offer. For instance, we never mark up the cost of printing. When authors want copies of their book, we partner with on-demand printers here in the U.S. and in several other countries, and what they charge us is what we change the author—not a penny more. The same is true for CD and DVD duplication. We search out the best prices, and that’s what you pay. In short, McDougal & Associates is here to serve you.

Harold McDougal is the McDougal behind McDougal & Associates. Harold has been working directly in Christian publishing now for more than thirty years, and during that time, has written, ghost written, edited, and/or published more tthan a thousand books. He wrote his first book in 1965, nearly sixty years ago. Aside from working on his own books on an ongoing basis, Harold has had a burden to get other ministries published and has helped dozens of them to achieve this goal. Among the best known were Ruth Ward Heflin, William A. Ward, Judson Cornwall, Les Brown, Wade Taylor, Charlotte Baker, Cal Pierce, Sandy Kirk, Jamie Lash and Tim Bagwell. More recently, he has worked on projects for Joshua Mills, Russ Moyer, Dennis Leonard, Darryl Brister, Charles Blake, Darlene Bishop and many other well known Christian leaders here in the US and abroad.

The “Associates” in McDougal & Associates are men and women of every race and of many nationalities who have a Rhema word from God for our time and have chosen this venue as a means of having their message heard. You may choose to become an assiciate by publishing with us too.

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