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Dr. Jody Amato

Dr. Jody Amato was a seasoned and ordained minister who carried God’s glory and fire nationally and internationally to churches, conferences, pastor’s retreats and revivals. She had a strong prophetic and deliverance ministry, and her preaching was accompanied by healings, miracles and signs and wonders. Jody appeared on various Christian television and radio programs. One program aired in 154 countries in 27 languages. She was the covering and founder for several ministries and, before her death in 2019, was serving as senior pastor of Highway to Glory Worship Center in Walker, Louisiana, where she made her home.

Jody had a mandate from God, not only to seek out lost souls, but also the hurting remnant of His people, and to help restore and encourage them to finish the work the Lord had called them to do. To do this, she went where most ministers would not dare to go.

On one occasion, she preached while being guarded by six men with machine guns. Her testimony is known on the streets.
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