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Our generation is blessed to have an abundance of free online writing helps. Among them are dictionaries, thesauruses, grammar checkers, encyclopedias and reference works, but also various Bible versions, concordances, commentaries and Bible reference books. You may already have your own favorites, but if not, here are some you may want to consider and you may feel the need of a style manual. We'll help you know which one to use: 

Online Dictionaries, Thesaures and Encyclopedias

Online Dictionaries, Thesaures and Encyclopedias

For YourDictionary and Thesaurus, click here
For the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, click here
For's Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia and References, click here
For Websters Online Dictionary, click here
For the Cambridge Dictionaries Online, click here
For OneLook Dictionary, click here
For The Free Dictionary's Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus, click here
For the DICT Development Group, click here
For Wikipedia, click here
Online Bibles, Commentaries, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Online Bibles, Commentaries, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

For Crosswalk, click here
For BibleGateway, click here
For, click here
For Bible Keeper, click here
For Online Parallel Bible, click here
For Blue Letter Bible, click here
For Online Bible Study Network, click here
For SearchGod', click here.
For e-Sword, click here.
For YourDictionary, click here.
For alphaDictionary, click here .
For, click here .
For Hypertext Bible, click here.
Choosing a Style Manual

Choosing a Style Manual

One of the most important resources for publishers, editors and proofreaders is a style manual, but be careful which style manual you choose. You may have noticed that acceptable English usage varies widely with magazines, newspapers, college papers and printed books, and it varies a lot even among books. There are 5 accepted levels of style. The most strict is that used in college term papers, and the most liberal is that used in popular novels. Therefore many of the most accessible style manuals (published by major universities) are not suitable for our use. The style manual we recommend is a classic, now in its 15th edition, the Chicago Manual of Style, and it is now online for your convenience.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Manual of Style is not free. You can try it out free, but a one-year subscription costs $30. That's not bad considering that to buy the book itself now costs nearly $80. (If you look around at online sales you might find it for $35). If you don't need it, then why spend the money? But if you write a lot, you might want to make the investment.

For the Chicago Manual of Style Online, click here.

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