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A Southern Lady's Tea Adventures

A Southern Lady's Tea Adventures

A Southern Lady's Tea Adventures
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In this second book of her Southern Lady’s Tea series, Andrea “Andy” McDougal takes us with her as she recounts the highlights of her many intriguing tea adventures around the world. These include places like Paris, London, Glascow, Oban, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Gretna Green, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Haifa, Freetown, Accra, Lagos, Guadalajara, Juarez, El Paso, Kingston, Ocho Rios, Rome, Aversa, Naples, Quito and Sydney. As only she can, through short, descriptive stories, accompanied by her beautiful original photographs, she relates the sights and sounds, and the smells and tastes she experienced along the way, enabling the reader to experience them with her. 
In the second half of the book, she hosts her Featured Guests who present their prized recipes, recipes you will enjoy preparing and serving for your own tea events. 
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