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Beyond the Woes of Me

Beyond the Woes of Me

Beyond the Woes of Me
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"As I read and meditated on the poems in Beyond the Woes of Me, it seemed as if Dr. Dawn was allowed to pull back the curtains of our very own life's journey and was given the privilege to have a glance at both our highs and lows. She has captured the very essence of the woes and beyond of life from the very beginning. ... In this book, you will discover that despite the woes, there is a place of new chapters in life! ... Her words bring you to a resting place, knowing that it's the Almighty who is leading you in a maze with such beautiful threads of tapestry too complicated for mere man to unwind. But, when we stop, breathe, and rest, what fullness of joy we find in His presence!" - Evangelist Sharon M. Billy

"In this book, Beyond the Woes of Me, [Dr. Greay] utilizes poetic expressions to paint vivid images of her observations, exposures, and experiences while navigating life from adolescence to adulthood. Her words candidly show how God loves and blesses His children, enabling us to persevere despite life's challenges. Dr. Greay utilizes biblical scriptures to remind us of this and to inspire, to encourage, and to show us that there is always HOPE!" - Anita W. Dennis 

"As I read ... Beyond the Woes of Me, I was overcome with so many emotions. This is her life story written in poems. I have watched Dr. Dawn overcome many adversities in life through worship. This book will inspire you to never give up HOPE. The answer is on the way." - LaTescia Parnel

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