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A Southern Lady's Tea Journey

A Southern Lady's Tea Journey

A Southern Lady's Tea Journey
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“There is something very special about tea parties. They have the ability to transport us to wonderful memories in the first glance of the tea table. Memories of loved ones, of days gone by, of old friends and so much, much more. Over the years, we have cherished teaware filled with love, gifted to us by those that wanted someone to love them as they did. 
A few years ago I joined a group of people who share all these things, in pictures, stories, history and beloved recipes. There was one amazing lady in the group that transformed me into her world with each picture and story she told. I could imagine that I was there and always wondered what tales her treasures could tell. 
I have been blessed to become her friend and to encourage her to use her writing and photography skills to bring enchantment and imagination to so many others. I hope you enjoy her tales and memories as much as I do. May God bless her and keep her always and may you come to know and love her as I do. Enjoy this book and hopefully many more to come.” —Linda Shellabarger 
“Andrea ‘Andy’ McDougal, is the best ‘tea artist’ I have known.” — Betty
Andrea’s tea settings are exquisite and, mixed with her stories of family, will evoke memories of the past and captivate and bring you on an ancestral journey. —Jody Benge
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