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Testimony of a Kept Woman

Testimony of a Kept Woman

Testimony of a Kept Woman
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After Jan escaped the physical domestic violence and the emotional and verbal abuse she had endured at the hands of her first husband, she was certain that her life was going to turn around. She married a pastor with whom she could work closely to build a ministry. Their congregation grew, and it truly seemed as if their lives were blessed. But slowly the accusations began to surface that would shatter Jan’s world and show her just how deep her husband’s deceptions went. As she struggled to maintain her faith and dignity under the watchful eyes of the congregation, she was inwardly undergoing the greatest crisis of her life.
For any reader who has felt like God Almighty has packed up, moved away, and forgotten to leave His forwarding address, Jan’s powerful Testimony of a Kept Woman will provide much-needed hope as she shows readers how, even in her moment of crisis, God kept her close to Him. Her story, as a survivor of both domestic violence with her first husband, and her victory over emotional and verbal abuse with her second husband, is proof that God has the perfect purpose for every pain and sorrow.
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