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The Diary of an Unwed Mother: The Unwed Daddy Game

The Diary of an Unwed Mother: The Unwed Daddy Game

The Diary of an Unwed Mother: The Unwed Daddy Game
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A lot of emphasis has been placed, in recent years, on unwed mothers, but very little, if anything, has been said or is being said about the young men who have fathered the children of those unwed mothers. Does anyone know or even care what they go through? They are the reason children are birthed into this world through unwed mothers. It is their seed that was implanted in the mother of those unborn babies. Surely their side of the story in incredibly significant and should be heard.
Unwed fathers want their side of the story to be told too! They also have a story to tell, and they should be heard without bias. They deserve a fair chance in this game called life. After all, they were caught up in situations in which they were often more surprised and shocked than the females they impregnated. When they found out they were going to be a daddy, many of them didn’t know how to do that, not having been raised by a man in their homes. Many of them had no idea what it meant to be a daddy, a father or even a man, since they were raised solely by women—mothers, older sisters, aunts and grandmothers. Please read their stories with empathy and compassion. 
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