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Unmasking the Roaring Lion

Unmasking the Roaring Lion

Unmasking the Roaring Lion
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"Fear is rapidly becoming a household occupant of many families throughout the world. Although we are faced with many challenges and uncertainties, national and international threats, environmental threats, wars, murders, abductions and diseases, a child of God is commanded not to fear, for fear is not of God. Therefore, we must resist it. We have hope and confidence in God and in His Word.

"In this book, we learn how Satan, our adversary, has tormented and is still tormenting the children of God, and fear is one of his favorite tools. But fear is a foe that should never be tolerated in the Christian life. Fear, as an agent of Satan, has an assignment. We will uncover the plans of the enemy through fear. We will learn to recognize fear, we will learn what it looks like, what it sounds like and what it feels like. We will go about Unmasking the Roaring Lion." Jane P. McCoy

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