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Moving through a Season of Grief

Moving through a Season of Grief

Moving through a Season of Grief
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Grief is a universal enemy. We must all deal with it at one time or another in life, and most of us don’t do it very well. Grief is the result of loss, usually the loss of a loved one, and that loss is often unexpected, and we suddenly find that we are unprepared for the aftermath. 
Dr. Jerry Fitch not only knows about grief from forty-six years of ministry; he has had to face grief himself several times in life, beginning with the death of his baby sister when he was just a small boy, then the death of his mother when he was a young preacher and, more recently, the death of his son, his brother and his father. Yes, Jerry Fitch knows grief, and he knows that grief can be conquered. In this book, he shares with you the secrets he has learned.  
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