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Think No Evil

Think No Evil

Think No Evil
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More and more American children are being homeschooled these days, many of them by Christian parents, and yet very little material is available to teach them the basic tenants of the Christian faith. This particular material was created to help homeschoolers and their parents understand how the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives mankind insight into our core, by revealing our true character, desires and motivations.
For many years, Taun Mizell taught Sunday school, as well as Vacation Bible School, and was surprised to find that most of the children had no real understanding of the Bible, the character of God or the qualities of evil found within each man or woman before they came to know Christ as Savior. Many students graduated without first understanding the necessity of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus within His Father’s comprehensive plan of salvation. Their thinking was vague, and it was clear that many of them had no moral or philosophical anchor rooted in the eternal Lord. It is for this reason that many of our church-going students enter college thinking they have faith and leave having none.
Our modern American system of education teaches that “self-esteem” is of great value. The end result is that most of us have a good opinion of ourselves based upon a subjective internal evaluation that uses how we feel about ourselves as the standard of judgment. We also think in terms of how we are impacted by things rather than thinking objectively or giving consideration to the absolutes of right and wrong. “Good” has now been stretched to include things that previous generations called “evil.” The Ten Commandments have been ignored for so long that they have ceased to be the standard which informs us of what constitutes good or evil in both behavior and thinking. We are naive in many ways and do not recognize that this mindset has built for us a useless foundation that serves no one. No one can have and no one builds a good character unless he or she understands that what God has said constitutes both good and evil.
Jesus Christ is our reason for studying the words spoken in the Scriptures and why we practice memorization, for the Scriptures constitute a living tool. The Scriptures are the basic protein of truth needed for spiritual growth. The scriptures found within the lessons of this book and those found within the footnotes form the backbone of all the lessons. The Bible informs our minds of Christ and, through it, our Father spreads His blueprint of truth out before us, giving us knowledge and direction. This living Word provides protection during spiritual battles with the force of darkness and gives us insight into the heart of God. The Spirit, using the Holy Word, informs us of the eternal truths of our loving God, comforts us through difficulties, warns us of evil—rebuking us and correcting us when it is needed. The Word of God enlightens our minds, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, gives us greater love for and understanding of our loving and merciful Savior. The engrafting of this Word of truth into our minds allows the indwelling Spirit to apply the Scriptures to ourselves and to situations as we move through life, giving us both the faith and the wisdom to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches us what constitutes both good and evil in thought, word or deed, so that we can love each other. 
There are five sections in the text of this book which consider our spiritual blindness and that of Israel in the Old Testament. Notes to the parent/teacher regarding these can be found at the end of the book.
Taun Mizell is a native of St. Francisville, Louisiana, where she currently makes her home.
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