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Why Not a Woman?

Why Not a Woman?

Why Not a Woman?
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“This book was not intended to make women think they are better than men or to promote the Women’s Liberation Movement. Rather it is to let women know that God has a plan for their lives. He created men and women equal and set the woman to walk alongside of her husband. 
“God has great expectations for YOUR life. You are for far more than bearing children or being a good housewife. Ask Him if there might be something else He expects of you. Are there places you need to be going or things you need to be doing? We must all be about our Father’s business.
“Women can successfully do many things in life. We have great women doctors, teachers, lawyers, politicians, athletes and ministers. And yet some women still remain timid and allow fears to hold them back. I was one of those. But that was then, and this is now. Now I can boldly ask the question: Why not a woman?" --Vivian Collins
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