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Acts of an Awesome God: Out of Darkness

Acts of an Awesome God: Out of Darkness

Acts of an Awesome God: Out of Darkness
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“There, just inside the front door, I saw what appeared to be a group of small white lights that looked very much like sparkling glitter. I looked back over toward the front door once again and realized that the lights were growing in number and had even begun to take on the shape of a man ... a very large man! The shape I was seeing reached from the floor to just above the door frame and filled the entryway from side-to-side.  The vision was to my right, and the whole time I was looking at it the entire right side of my body was charged with electricity, and the hair on my right arm stood straight up!”
The amazing angelic encounter described above is just one of the many incredible but true stories Jim O. Richardson shares in this book, Acts of an Awesome God: Out of Darkness. From tragedy to triumph, this book takes you on one man’s unforgettable journey where a continual series of spiritual discoveries and supernatural manifestations totally transformed his life. Within its pages you will also find:
  • How to be free from hurts and wounds of the past
  • How God really feels toward Catholics
  • How to have power over the forces of darkness
  • How to recover from failure and disappointment
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