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Rising Above the Rubbish

Rising Above the Rubbish

Rising Above the Rubbish
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No matter how different we all are, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what race or nationality, old or young, and no matter what religion we are, we are all united by common bonds. We all need love, food, water, a sense of belonging and good health. None of us wants to be lonely, hungry or sick. We all want peace, not confusion. We all want encouragement and joy, yet we, as a world, allow the superficial to blind us from the blatant truth. By carnal nature, we tend to focus on what’s least important or valuable.
Are we so superficial that we would allow our prejudices and personal hang-ups to prevent lives from being saved? Well, we have a Savior who is willing to love us all, so who are we to not be willing to do the same for others, all made in God’s image just as we are? We are ONE people, united in ONE spirit, whether we accept it or not. It’s time to rise above the rubbish of life’s circumstances through the resuscitating power of the Holy Spirit. –Kaylin Haynes
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