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The Last Seven Days

The Last Seven Days

The Last Seven Days
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The Last Seven Days is more than a book. It is prophetic, revealing formerly-untold truths about events soon to come concerning America and the end of the world as we know it. Do you know the seven most deceptive forces you are battling today and how they will be manifested in full force in the future? Do you understand the reasons behind your hurt and pain? Do you have a place of safety from catastrophic end-time events? Do you understand God’s purging process for today and His judgment for the world of tomorrow? Experience this true-life story and learn the truth from the man many have tagged as the Moses of America, one of the most accurate seers of our time.
Through the gift of prophecy Tommie Barkley foresaw and foretold: the election of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump a year before they became reality, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and other such local and national events, the whereabouts of a runaway teenager (he described the exact location in the middle of a church service). He has provided million-dollar decisions for businesses and has helped pastors and other leaders and thousands in the Body of Christ to achieve blessings and healings, as well as clarity and direction for their lives. 
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