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Prophetic Writings

Prophetic Writings

Prophetic Writings
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Immediately after receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Sharlotte Brian began having prophetic dreams and seeing visions that quickly came to pass. She would feel God’s presence drape over her head and shoulders like a blanket, and when this presence rested upon her, she felt an overwhelming unction to write, and she did.
Often, as she wrote, the Lord would give her a person’s name and she would understand that the message she had written was for them. When she mustered up enough courage to give them the message, it was life changing — for her as well as for them. In this way the beautiful messages that make up the pages of this book came about, and very limited editing has been done (for clarification for a broader audience.) These messages came from God Himself, and now they are in printed form so that you, too, might be blessed by them. 
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