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The Gift Within YOU

The Gift Within YOU

The Gift Within YOU
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“You were born with a gift from God. God gave you this unique gift to bless the world and all humanity. Your gift has defined you since childhood, and it was always present and active. Perhaps you did not understand it nor have a name for it, but it was there deep inside of you. 
Life becomes meaningful when you discover your gift. It’s like that hidden piece of a puzzle which is found to finish the picture. Now you can see clearly and understand the meaning of a previously hidden thing. It’s an “ah ha” moment for you!
Everyone has a gift from God. All the people in your life have one. When our gifts flow in harmony with each other, mankind is healed and restored. This is when miracles occur. People need miracles in their lives that are beyond man-made solutions. That’s why God gave you the gift you carry inside.
Do you know your God-given gift? Would you like to know it? The purpose of this book is to help you to discover and then use your gift. Anyone can know their gift and learn how to release it for others.” – Ron Lattier
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