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Finally God Makes Sense

Finally God Makes Sense

Finally God Makes Sense
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Life is a journey, and once born into this world, you are on a mission. We all start this journey with passion and excitement, not aware exactly how it will ultimately play out. Only God knows what your final destiny picture will look like, and only He can get you there.
Often, when He reveals pieces of that picture to us, they don’t seem to make sense. This journey, therefore, will demand perseverance, courage, strength and faith, but in the end, God’s dream for us will make sense. The mere fact that He found it important to invest His breath in us should tell us that we are special persons predestined for such a time as this. He would not waste His breath, investing it in us, for nothing. His breath is life, so with that investment having been made, we can know that we are here for a purpose. 
Do not view even one day as having been wasted, even when it seems purposeless to your natural thinking. God has something spectacular in mind for you. If you can stay the course, eventually you will declare, “Finally, God Makes Sense!”
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