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From There to Here

From There to Here

From There to Here
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Just as God called Abraham to leave his home and his people and go to a land he knew not of, God called the Gaddie family in Arkansas. Strangely enough, it would be ten years before they even knew where they were to go. Once that became known, they immediately began their journey of faith.
But this would not be an easy journey. Along the way there would be severe tests of their faith, and they would have to believe God to show them each next step and to provide for their large family as they took those steps. There were moments when it seemed like they would surely perish and others when it seemed that they could not endure the hardness of the tests. But with every step and every trial overcome, they learned something new and wonderful about the God who had called them on this journey of faith and obedience. Here, in the pages of this book, Prophetess Pearly Gaddie tells, for the very first time, how they got From There to Here and how God kept them during their journey. 
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