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Disciplines of Joy

Disciplines of Joy

Disciplines of Joy
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“God doesn’t just want you to survive; He wants you to thrive. These divinely-inspired and biblically-based battle strategies are designed to help you overcome all the wiles of the enemy and live the joy-filled life the Lord intends for you to live.
“God has a purpose and a plan for your life, and it is not for you to be miserable, anxious, or depressed. You can experience the joy and peace found only in Jesus Christ. 
“Here are some simple steps that will help you climb out of the muck and mire of depression. You can overcome the world and all its problems, to take your place in God’s Kingdom. When the enemy tries to pull you down, shake him off. Climb up higher, closer to the Lord. Deepen your knowledge of the truth. Draw closer to the Lord.
“I pray you stand in grace, rejoice in hope, glory in tribulation, and let God’s love remove every disappointment from your heart.”  — Rachel Elizabeth Gregory
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