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Crossing Your Jordans (Case Laminate)

Crossing Your Jordans (Case Laminate)

Crossing Your Jordans (Case Laminate)
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“Today we find ourselves in a transition period into something special that God is doing in the Spirit realm. A shift has taken place. This is important for us to realize, because if we have our eyes on the wrong things, we could miss what’s about to happen. It’s possible to be right in the middle of something God is doing and still miss it. For this reason, God is calling each of us to sharpen our hearing and become alert to what He is saying and doing in the earth in this hour. What is about to happen will affect the whole world. There is a shaking going on, and in the days to come, not even the most remote part of the earth will be left unaffected by it. God is doing a new thing, and He is inviting us to be part of it. 
“The days ahead are not to be, as many have suggested, a time of 'doom and gloom' for the Church. They will mean doom and gloom (and worse) for those who don’t know our God, and they may also be a time of doom and gloom for people who just play church. But for those of us who actually make up the true Church, these coming days will be glorious ones, days that we should all look forward to and eagerly embrace. It is time to remove anything and everything that has prevented us from crossing over into all that God has for us, time for some serious soul searching. Come with me, as we learn what some of those impediments are and how to remove them. You, too, can learn to cross over your Jordans.” — Regina Blount
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