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Word Force

Word Force

Word Force
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“Little by little we are discovering these days that words are extremely powerful, so powerful that they can literally change our lives—for good or for bad. Words, if rightly used, can become a creative force that will shape your future. The words we speak can affect those who hear them, for good or for bad, and the words we hear others speak, likewise, can do us good or ill. Because of this, for our own welfare and the welfare of our families and friends, we must realize the importance of what we speak and how we speak it. And, in the same way, we must realize the importance of who we listen to, who we allow to sow into our lives.
“There are so many words from so many people in our world today that are not worth listening to. Worse, if we listen to them, we inevitably become confused and discouraged and stop striving to fulfill our dreams and hopes for the future. This is exactly what the enemy of your soul wants, and this is his work.
“So what can we do? You and I must make a conscious decision to guard our tongues and our ears, to listen only to what is for our personal benefit and to speak only words that will benefit others. I know that this can be challenging in our modern world, but I am convinced that it is necessary if we are to succeed.”
                       Lucien C. Rojas
                        Brooklyn, New York
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