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Discovering Our Redemption

Discovering Our Redemption

Discovering Our Redemption
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This is the indispensible guide to leveraging what Jesus accomplished by the Cross to transform your life in every area.
Discovering Our Redemption shows the astounding legal truths of what Jesus achieved, from the Last Supper to the Day of Pentecost, so you can release more of the power of God in your life and in the lives of others.
Watch as your dreams become reality, as you apply these powerful truths, as you walk with Jesus through these awesome 50 days. This is the how-to book for applying these wonderful truths to release you deeper and further into your destiny.
For the new Christian, learn the key basics of faith; for the mature Christian, feel the excitement, as your faith is stirred to new levels.
In Discovering Our Redemption you will:
• Experience your faith rise, as you take these historical facts and use them for the foundation for your faith, just like the apostles did.
• Be thrilled as you appreciate the magnitude of Jesus' work for all of mankind--and that includes you, right now!
• Enjoy your newfound freedom as you no longer pray for what you already have in Jesus and see your ministry results increase.
• Never again be unsettled or terrorized by evil circumstances, as you learn of the power of His stripes for you.
• Watch your joy increase, as you learn 16 things that changed the Universe forever in those 50 days.
• Experience how to walk in your destiny in God, as you learn the secret of continual Christian growth.
These facts have inspired millions, and the how-to portions have released multitudes into achieving their destiny in God ... and it will show you the way too. Get Discovering Our Redemption to solidify God’s ability and love in your life. Get this book today.
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