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In His Glory, I Learned to Lean on God

In His Glory, I Learned to Lean on God

In His Glory, I Learned to Lean on God
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"Many families are struck with autism, but not everyone survives it. Thankfully, we did, and God asked me many years ago to write this book as a testimony concerning my son and his ordeal. I had to wait on God’s timing and my season, but in the process I learned to lean on God and to be directed by the Holy Spirit. This book is all about God’s divine power and His anointing to break yokes, as we abide in His glory. In His glory, there is healing, deliverance, love, peace, and prosperity for every area of our lives.
God is very easy to lean on, and He will never let you fall. I learned, even before this particular storm came to my life, to trust God in every situation. Sometimes we like to think that we’re waiting for Him to move, but the truth is that He is waiting for us to act. When we respond in the earthly realm, then He can move on our behalf with His power in the heavenly realm. First, we must speak His Word, pray and stand in faith. When we do that, nothing is impossible for God to do. IN HIS GLORY, I LEARNED TO LEAN ON GOD!" -- Patricia A. Lee
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