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Why, God?

Why, God?

Why, God?
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How many times have you heard asked (or asked yourself) the question “Why, God?” For instance, we ask: “Why did You allow my loved one to die before their time? Why did You allow me to go through that divorce? Why did You allow me to lose my house, my car, my family, my job, my child, a brother, a sister or a pet?” You may also have heard asked or asked yourself this type of question: “Why, God, did You not intervene in this or that situation?” Most of us have asked such questions at one time or another. We may never have all our questions answered to our satisfaction here in this world, but what is certain is this: God is love, and because He is love, everything He does or does not do in the earth and in each of our lives is motivated by that love. That’s the basis of all that I express here in this book, a book that explores many of the reasons God does what He does and attempts to answer our common question: Why, God?
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