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Marriage or Divorce???

Marriage or Divorce???

Marriage or Divorce???
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This is the testimony of our miraculous walk with God, and it is written for His glory, the Omnipotent God in whom we have our being and whom we are honored to serve! Ours has been a journey through some of life’s most turbulent storms, and there have been many sacrifices along the way, but there have also been countless blessings, and here we put a name to many of them as a memorial to His greatness.
Among the many pleasures we have had in this life, the greatest of them all has been the opportunity to serve our Lord. Through the telling of His goodness to us, we hope to inspire others to serve Him too. He requires of us all loyalty, faithfulness and gratefulness, and we pray that each of us may be found worthy.
God has promised me that this book will be anointed by Him to lead souls unto salvation and to the knowledge and understanding of how important it is for us to truly serve our Creator. It was scripted through our walk of faith. Please allow it to speak to your heart. -- Diane Morris
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