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Tokens of His Love

Tokens of His Love

Tokens of His Love
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Gold dust appearing on people's faces and hands during worship services? Jewels falling from the sky at the altar? Feathers appearing from nowhere and drifting down upon the worshipers? For what? The author was very skeptical when he began hearing about such things. After all, he had prided himself on the practicality of his faith. What could be the useful purpose of such phenomena? Then gold dust began to appear on him, and that changed everything.
He began a serious study of the Scriptures to see if he could discover a reason behind the resurgence of unusual signs and wonders that many were calling the "Gold Dust Revival," and what he discovered amazed him. There was a biblical pattern beginning with the patriarchs and continuing into New Testament times. His studies reveal God's intense love for His children and His desire to give them visible symbols, signs or tokens, as an indication to them (and to others) that they are His. He calls them Tokens of His Love.
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