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People of the Presence

People of the Presence

People of the Presence
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By spending time in God’s presence, we can literally bring Heaven’s blessing to earth. If we could all walk into Heaven today and take a good look around, what might we see? For sure, there would be no sickness in His presence! There would be no death in His presence! There would be no bondage of any kind in His presence! There would be absolutely no chains to hold you, for none of that can exist in God’s presence. He is the God of life.
So when God’s presence in with us here on earth, what happens? Chains begin to fall off, and people begin to be healed and set free. People who wait in God’s presence and become carriers of His glory are able to bring healing and deliverance wherever they go. Their very presence, which radiates Christ, brings life to desperate and needy people all around them. And why should God have to raise up another person when He has you?
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