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Awakening to the Heartbeat of God

Awakening to the Heartbeat of God

Awakening to the Heartbeat of God
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What does the heartbeat of God sound like? Have you ever taken time to listen to it? God’s Word assures us that His heart reaches out to the entire world. His love compels it. His heart is beating for you and for me and, indeed, for every living soul. And every time someone extends the love of Jesus to another person, you can hear His heartbeat in the process. Whether in Daytona, New York City, China, Africa or in the smallest island of the in the world, whether the people involved are rich or poor, and whatever color they happen to be, the heart of God beats steadily for souls everywhere.
Now our heavenly Father asks you today, “Will you reflect My heartbeat and allow Me to thrust you into the harvest fields around you? Does your heart beat for souls? Do you rejoice with the angels in Heaven over one sinner who repents, turning his or her life over to Jesus?” In the pages of this book, you will be given many opportunities to hear and respond to the heartbeat of God. If you will respond, He will open your eyes to His Word and to your harvest fields and reveal to you that evangelism is simply being a willing vessel through which He can draw others to Himself, through His loving kindness—His heartbeat.
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