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The Commander's Anointing

The Commander's Anointing

The Commander's Anointing
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Joshua spoke to the sun, and it stood still in the sky and stayed there until the battle he was waging could be won. How did he do that? Elisha spoke to a borrowed axe head that had sunk beneath the water of a stream, and it floated to the surface and was retrieved. How did he do that? Samson caught three hundred foxes, tied their tails together, lit them and sent them scurrying into the standing corn fields of the enemy Philistines. How did he do that? Jesus spoke to the winds and waves, and they obeyed Him. How did He do that?
In this powerful and anointed book, Apostle L. Edward Gaddie answers these and other important questions, showing how God, the Great Commander of all Commanders, has chosen certain men and women to bear a special anointing, an anointing to do the impossible. This is The Commander’s Anointing.
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