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Feed the Camels

Feed the Camels

Feed the Camels
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God hiding in a camel skin … is that possible?
Is your daily life filled with unexpected and unwelcome frustrations and challenges, things you never asked for? If so, how do you threat these challenges? When and how do you expect your once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to show up? Camels, that represent the unexpected and frustrating issues and challenges of life, could be the very place where God is hiding Himself. He wants to see how we will treat them.
Impossible? Not really. That’s exactly what happened to Rebekah. An unexpected camel turned out to be her ride to destiny. That unclean beast carried her to her marriage to the son of the wealthiest man on the face of the earth. In the very same way, the trial that you face today may bring your greatest challenge or frustration, yet also serve as the catalyst to your greatest dream. By serving in seemingly unimportant ways, you may very well trigger your ride to greatness.
God in a camel skin may not be such a rate thing after all!
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