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The Restlessness of the Call

The Restlessness of the Call

The Restlessness of the Call
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When God allows a soul to be born into this world, it is always with divine purpose. Many souls, however, never find God, and many who do find Him never find their real purpose for living. Many of those who discover their God-given call are unable to remain faithful to Him and the purpose He has established for their lives during their period of required preparation. A certain restlessness often overtakes them and causes them either to take some detour or to turn back altogether. This is a tragedy that could be avoided if we better understood God’s call and how it comes to pass in our lives.
The Restlessness of the Call reveals the processes and the timing that are involved in fulfilling God’s plan for our lives, showing us that if we can only remain faithful through the process of appointing and anointing, God will eventually miraculously establish us in our unique ministry.
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