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Walking and Living in Your Inheritance

Walking and Living in Your Inheritance

Walking and Living in Your Inheritance
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“When we come to Christ, there is a complete disengagement from Adam and his failures. The curse, the punishment for sin, and the blood link to a fallen state all come to an end when we become new creatures in Christ. Many, however, fail to see that our redemption connects us directly to the inheritance of God. All that the Father has has now been put into our account. “We have received an inheritance from God!” (Ephesians 1:11).
“God’s plans never fail. He stands His ground to see His purposes fulfilled. Therefore, nothing can hinder your inheritance. It is assured. 
“How do you get your inheritance? If you work for it, then it’s not an inheritance. An inheritance comes to you because of your birth. God has made you a son or a daughter through Jesus, and whenever you see the estate of God, that is your territory. That belongs to you. It is your inheritance through Christ.” – Bishop Abiola Idowu
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