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No Longer Mad at God

No Longer Mad at God

No Longer Mad at God
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Loreen Sumner grew up in the church and followed all the rules. She loved the “idea” of church and God, but at eighteen she made some decisions about relationships she should have prayed more about. She had decided to create her own path in life and did not “acknowledge” the Lord in all her ways. Should it have been any wonder, then, that He was not able to “direct” her paths as He promised in Proverbs 3:6?

Twenty-five years later, life, for Loreen, had gone wrong on so many levels. Couldn’t God have intervened? Why had He allowed her to suffer so many heartbreaking disappointments? To her, divorce felt like the death of an entire family. She questioned or second-guessed God’s fairness or goodness, much like the Bible character Job did. Thankfully, through a study of the book of Job, she came to a very different conclusion about God. Just as Job confessed at the end of his story, she had only “heard” about God and didn’t really know Him as she should have. She had not been seeking Him with her whole heart. But that has all changed, and this is the book that has come forth as a result. Loreen Sumner is No Longer Mad at God!

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