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Soul Holes

Soul Holes

Soul Holes
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“Many times we fall short of God’s glory because of a lack of knowledge concerning our own souls. Our soul has the ability to overcome all things, yet our soul can also be overcome. We must be careful not to assume that our soul is only related to salvation. The soul is the part of your being that is responsible for making decisions. I minister to many people who never consider the ramifications of the decisions they have allowed their souls to make. One poor decision in the soul can bring dysfunction to one’s body in the future.
I minister to a lot of physically, mentally, and emotionally sick people. By the time the people call me for ministry, they are desperate because their affliction is overriding their soul. It takes time for me to lead them back to the original entry point of their affliction. In other words, the lack of knowledge concerning the soul brings many afflictions to the physical body. In order to be set free in the body, we must first be set free in the soul.
In this book, we will define each human aspect of our individuality and also every component of our soul. We will learn how to take responsibility for each aspect and categorize each component of the soul, depending on the amount of damage that has been done. Past pains, traumas, and negative emotions have played a role in the condition of our wellbeing. As we receive this God-given insight, we can then understand how to cooperate with our current condition and allow the truth of God to set us free. Once responsibility is taken and the truth is applied, we can finally walk in the signs, wonders, and miracles of God ourselves.
Come with me on this journey, to find peace for your mind, rest for your soul, and healing for your body.” – Rebecca L. King
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