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Loving Someone Behind Bars

Loving Someone Behind Bars

Loving Someone Behind Bars
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Devastated when the father of her four small children drowned while swimming in Lake Pontchartrain, Hilda Miller-Jones struggled to survive. A few years later, she met up with a man she had gone to grade school with and had a crush on—Hank Miller. Handsome and well built, Hank was home from the Marines and seemed to be the perfect match for Hilda’s needs: a husband for her, a father for her young children and a provider for the whole family. Little could she know that their passion would end in divorce, and thirty days later Hank would be convicted of murder and sentenced to fifty years in prison. 
For the next twenty years, Hilda went on with her life, trying to do her best to raise her family and further her own career. But then Hank began calling and didn’t stop until she agreed to see him in prison and, she again fell madly in love with him and remarried him—in spite of the shackles that bound him. 
This led to years of sacrifice on Hilda’s part, on the road visiting her man, and it led to something more: the development of a whole new life in Christ and a whole new purpose in life, a ministry to women who, like Hilda, loved men who were incarcerated. 
The ending of the story will surprise and delight you, and you will enjoy the prison poetry of Frederick “Ricky” Jones.
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