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On the Other Side of "Through," There Is HOPE!

On the Other Side of "Through," There Is HOPE!

On the Other Side of "Through," There Is HOPE!
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Disbelief, extreme sadness, anger and depression ... these were all emotions that Dawn Greay experienced when her twenty-six-year-old son became the victim of a tragic murder. The strain of his thirty-one-day hospitalization and subsequent death took her to the brink of insanity and thoughts of suicide. Her restoration and healing did not come quickly or easily, but with the help of family, friends, wise counselors and God Himself, she was eventually able to deal with the reality of her loss and go forward in life. Now, in the pages of this book, she shares with the rest of us the answers that she discovered in her amazing journey from loss to gain. She shows us that On the Other Side of “Through,” There Is HOPE!  
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