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Danno, the Miracle Baby

Danno, the Miracle Baby

Danno, the Miracle Baby
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One day Danny Petersen came home from a business trip and heard someone playing his drums. Thinking that it might be his brother who was visiting at the time, he went straight to the music room to greet him. When he opened the door to that room, he was amazed to find, not his brother, but his fourteen-month old son, Daniel III, standing there in his nappies playing the drums. The child had long shown an aptitude for banging on things to make sounds and rhythms, but this was something else. This child was actually making music, and it was correct music, good music. Danny was astonished. But should he have been surprised at all? Everything about this child had been a miracle from the start. This is the astonishing story, for the first time in print, of Danno, the Miracle Baby as told by his father. 
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