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The Violent Take It by Force (Kindle)

The Violent Take It by Force (Kindle)

The Violent Take It by Force (Kindle)
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“As never before, in this hour God’s Spirit is calling the Church to intercession, and His call is compelling. But what exactly is biblical intercession? What does it entail? How do we know what or who to intercede for? How long should we intercede? And what method should we use?
“These are all important questions, but there is so much confusion out there about this subject that it’s no wonder we’re not getting better results in these days. If we don’t even know what intercession is or how to go about it, how can we intercede effectively?
“In the pages of this book, I lay out clearly and precisely, with the Spirit’s help, the major truths we all need to know in order to become powerful intercessors. I analyze the who, the what and the why of biblical intercession for the twenty-first century.
“Intercession is closely related to and interconnected with spiritual warfare. It is our privilege and duty to go forth and take back what the enemy has stolen—from us personally, from our families, our communities, our churches, our nation and our world.
“The Violent Take It By Force. Will you be one of them?”
—Jackie Harewood
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