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Warrior Women, Arise (Kindle)

Warrior Women, Arise (Kindle)

Warrior Women, Arise (Kindle)
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“Are you a woman who, despite living a fairly mundane and ordinary life, has a place inside your spirit and soul which cries out for destiny, a place that few, if any, see, a place burning with longing for the extraordinary, where you live out your dreams and where the gifting and callings of God have been implanted before the very beginning of time? Are you someone who hears about the great feats of others from the past and present and longs to be known as one who follows God radically and courageously? Are you one who has felt a stirring deep inside you over the past weeks and months for something more in your walk with God? Perhaps you are someone who had a longing once upon a time, but the reality of life has left you exhausted or cynical, and your dreams lie smashed on the rocks of suffering and hardships. Are you so caught up in life’s daily worries and demands that you have not even considered that there is anything more? If you are any of these women, this book is dedicated to you. It is a cry from the heart of the Father for His daughters to rise up and become all He has always planned for them to be.” —Amanda Goransson
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