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I Will Bless Thee

I Will Bless Thee

I Will Bless Thee
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"We are at one of the greatest moments of Church history, and to miss God at this time would be to miss Him forever. If you miss a bus, you can often catch another one, but there is something so important about this particular moment in time for the Church. Don’t miss out on what God is doing right now.
"It is time for the Church to rise up in power and become the beacon God intended it to be, and to my way of thinking, one of the most important reason we have not yet done this is that we have failed to understand the concept of covenant and, in particular, God’s personal covenant with each of us, and therefore, we have left the provisions of our covenant largely untapped. If we don’t know what we have, how can we use it or use it effectively?
There are many questions about covenant that are answered in this book. For instance:

* What exactly is a covenant?
* What are the promises of covenant?
* What are the responsibilities of covenant?
* What is the process of covenant?
* What did the covenant that God forged with men of old mean to them and what, if anything, does it mean to us today?
* What is the personal covenant God wants to make with YOU?
* How does covenant affect families?
* How are God’s covenant and His love linked?
* Why is love the accepted identifier for all true believers in Christ?
* Is it right to make a covenant with other people today?
* If so, how do we know how to seek the right kind of agreement and avoid the wrong kind of agreement?

"It is my prayer that you may find this message enlightening and life-changing and that through it, you may find yourself Discovering the Untapped Power of Covenant.

                                                       Apostle David Harewood
        Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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