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Be Delivered and STAY Delivered

Be Delivered and STAY Delivered

Be Delivered and STAY Delivered
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“The restoration of the deliverance ministry has been a great blessing to the Body of Christ, for this ministry has answered a lot of our questions. Although it has been abused (as have other ministries within the Body), we cannot underestimate its power and importance, and to ignore it would be to fall into the trap and snare of the devil.
“If we are to fulfill God’s plan for this hour, we need to understand the deliverance ministry, its purpose, and its significance, first, so that we can be blessed by it and, second, so that we can avoid being abused by those who use these truths for their own purposes. Our desire is to become victors and not victims through this blessing, which our Lord has given us for the benefit and profit of the whole Church.
“In its simplest terms, freedom is the purpose of deliverance. The ministry of deliverance rids us of demonic hindrances which we can get ourselves entangled with and sets us back on the track of the liberty to which we are all called. This will keep us rejoicing in God’s victory.”
– Desmond A.S. Thomas
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