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Born and raised in Robstown, Texas, Marty Perez attended school in Calallen, a suburb of Corpus Christi. Often the only Hispanic in his class, he did very well in school ... until the 8th grade, when he transferred to a school in Robstown. Before long, he had dropped out, run away to Dallas with a girl in his class, and soon started a family. Not equipped for earning in the real world, he soon turned to a life of crime, the only thing he had been taught growing up. His goal was easy money, no matter the cost, and for the next twelve years he lived from crime and violence.
This life eventually caught up with him, and he did two years in the Texas Department of Corrections and then five years in Federal prison. This proved to be a blessing. In January of 1994, he gave his life to the Lord in a small jail cell in Charlotte, North Carolina and began participating in prison ministry.
When he was released from prison, Marty remarried, to Carmen, a woman he had met in the visitor room at a Beaumont Federal facility. Together, they had a daughter, Isabella, who is now eighteen, and for many years they served in ministry in Spanish-speaking churches. Now self-employed, Marty is running his own business in Texas and Louisiana, the renovation of homes damaged or destroyed in hurricanes. He loves street evangelism, prison ministry, men’s ministries. He has also applied for patents on several of his inventions. He prays that others may be discouraged from a life of crime by reading his story.
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Our Most Recent Releases

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Why You Need the Holy SpiritWhy You Need the Holy Spirit“Sometimes I get the feeling that when people think about the Holy Spirit, they are thinking of some mysterious presence, intangible and invisible. In Acts, the Holy Spirit is manifest in sound, wind, and fire. All of this is supernatural and perceptible. When the Holy Spirit is present, you know it; the charge and the change in your life is all the proof you need.”
In nine short and compelling chapters, Victor Torres lays out the basics of the Holy Spirit displayed through you. Why You Need the Holy Spirit explains, in the plainest terms, the influence and evidence of the Holy Spirit, from His powerful premier at Pentecost to the present-day Body of believers.
“Our part is to make ourselves available to the Spirit’s leading, and God will do the rest.” – Victor Torres
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