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Lorraine Hutcherson Foret has been a born-again Christian since 1984. By 1996, she was actively involved in her home church, Vision Christian Center (where she still attends). She taught Sunday school, the youth, leading Bible studies and more for many years. Lorraine has been happily married to Kurt Foret, Sr. for 37 years and together they have four children, all happily married, and eight grandchildren, all serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Then, however, in 2010, something started to go wrong in Lorraine’s life. For one thing, her family unity came under attack. Within a few years, her spiritual and devotional life started to weaken, and she found herself in a dark place, starting to question God, her purpose, and her identity in Him. As she sought God, He showed her how the enemy of this world truly operates. She began seeing herself with emotions similar to those of her parents, and those same emotions begin to surface in the lives of her adult children. This started something deep within her to start burning. Shaken by the fact that she had nearly walked away from her faith, Lorraine found herself asking the Holy Spirit to help her understand what was happening to her and her children and why.
That was then, and this is now. Today, Lorraine has a strong, vital, and restored faith in her heavenly Father. She has a strong, united family once again and a security that the enemy of this world can no longer touch what is hers. She thanks her Father (God), from the bottom of her heart, not only for restoring her and her family, but also for allowing her the opportunity to walk alongside others who are struggling, helping them to restore that which was once lost back to the Father.
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