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Born and raised on a sugar cane plantation in the small southern town of Lockport, Louisiana, Jerry Fitch has gone on to be used by God to minister to multitudes across America and abroad. A true Cajun, Jerry began school at the age of seven unable to speak English. He overcame that hindrance and excelled. Then, at the tender age of fourteen, he accepted the Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, was filled with the Holy Spirit months later, and soon accepted the call to minister the Gospel.
Now, after more than forty years of ministry, it is said that Jerry Fitch’s revelations are as fresh as ever, with an ever-increasing anointing accompanying the delivery, to produce God's expected result. Over the years, he has ministered in campmeetings, conventions, ministers’ conferences, church growth seminars, radio and television programs, marriage enrichment seminars, revivals and other noted services, all the while pastoring churches in Louisiana, Texas, Michigan and Florida. He has weathered the storms of life, persevered during the greatest of trials and has surmounted seemingly impossible situations, knowing that God is in control of his lie.
Currently the Fitches pastor The Baldwin Church in Baldwin, Louisiana. He also maintains an apostolic oversight of Destiny Church, a church he founded in Jacksonville, Florida.

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