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Jackie Harewood

Jackie Harewood is a Charismatic Christian author and speaker who conducts conferences and seminars throughout North and South America, Europe, Northern Antilles and the Caribbean. She holds a BS in Social Work from Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA; Spencer College in Accounting, Baton Rouge; Ministers Training Institute, Karlsruhe, Germany; Northsworthy Theological Seminary, Crailsheim, Germany, and Grantsmanship Center, New Orleans. She is Dean of Education and an Instructor at International Fellowship of Faith Churches Accredited Bible College, Baton Rouge and Pastor at Faith City International, Baton Rouge.
She is a former member of Louisiana Chaplain’s Association, former Chairwoman of Professional Development of Chaplains for Louisiana and an International Intercessor. She is Licensed and Ordained in the Office of Prophet and nominated for the Office of Apostle. She is the Founder of NIKAO Spiritual War College and Founder and Chancellor of Qara Prophetic College. She is a prayer consultant who trains prayers and spiritual warriors and teaches prayer groups in denominational and non-denominational settings.  
She is married to Apostle David Harewood, Presiding Prelate of International Fellowship of Faith Churches and Ministries and Senior Lead Pastor of Faith City International Ministries, Baton Rouge. She operates in the gifts and fruit of the Spirit. Through her teaching, many signs, wonders and creative miracles have been performed by God.
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Our Most Recent Releases

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A Southern Lady's Tea Adventures (Hard Back)A Southern Lady's Tea Adventures (Hard Back)
A Southern Lady's Tea Journey (Hard Back)A Southern Lady's Tea Journey (Hard Back)
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Beyond the Woes of MeBeyond the Woes of Me
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Heaven on EarthHeaven on Earth
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How to Be Rapture ReadyHow to Be Rapture Ready
Knights of the Cross: Alien InvasionKnights of the Cross: Alien Invasion
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Praying Prophetic PrayersPraying Prophetic Prayers
The Arrows of the LordThe Arrows of the Lord
The Power of the SeedThe Power of the Seed
Why You Need the Holy SpiritWhy You Need the Holy Spirit“Sometimes I get the feeling that when people think about the Holy Spirit, they are thinking of some mysterious presence, intangible and invisible. In Acts, the Holy Spirit is manifest in sound, wind, and fire. All of this is supernatural and perceptible. When the Holy Spirit is present, you know it; the charge and the change in your life is all the proof you need.”
In nine short and compelling chapters, Victor Torres lays out the basics of the Holy Spirit displayed through you. Why You Need the Holy Spirit explains, in the plainest terms, the influence and evidence of the Holy Spirit, from His powerful premier at Pentecost to the present-day Body of believers.
“Our part is to make ourselves available to the Spirit’s leading, and God will do the rest.” – Victor Torres
Wild AdventuresWild Adventures
Word TherapyWord Therapy
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