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Fritz Stokes served in the U.S. Marine Corps for sixteen and a half years, during which time he and his lovely bride of thirty-eight years learned first-hand what sacrifices military families must endure, including separations associated with numerous deployments and being forward deployed during the Gulf War (Desert Storm/Desert Shield) with little to no communication for six and a half months. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Fritz attended college for four years, transitioning to his next calling, as an elementary school teacher, which he has enjoyed for the past twenty-four years.
Most of Fritz's teaching career has taken place within the schools at Camp Lejeune, NC where he is able to support the families of active-duty Marines. Through ministering over the years to many young children who were struggling to cope with the absence of their Marine-parent, Fritz felt led of the Holy Spirit to write a book to help children feel a sense of connection and reassurance in knowing that their special Marine was doing the same day-to-day routines they did when home with them, including counting down the days until they could all be together again.
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Our Most Recent Releases

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In nine short and compelling chapters, Victor Torres lays out the basics of the Holy Spirit displayed through you. Why You Need the Holy Spirit explains, in the plainest terms, the influence and evidence of the Holy Spirit, from His powerful premier at Pentecost to the present-day Body of believers.
“Our part is to make ourselves available to the Spirit’s leading, and God will do the rest.” – Victor Torres
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